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Artist Bio

Raven Foster is a joyful and authentic artist who loves to create beautiful pieces of art that celebrate the magic of nature and the world around us. With a passion for wildlife, nature and fantasy Raven works primarily with acrylics and watercolour to share her unique vision and artistic style. Hailing from Birmingham, Raven's work has been recognised with an award for her Joy of Halloween painting. Join her on her art journey and discover the magic for yourself.

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My Mission

My quest is to illuminate the world with wonder, enchantment and affection through my art.

I tread upon the path of magic, wielding my brush as a conduit of transformation, infusing my creations with love and joy. Yet, my mission extends beyond mere aesthetics. I endeavor to weave magic in harmony with nature, using materials that honour our planet's well-being. My canvases gleam with the whispers of the forest Stewardship Council, and for every original painting that finds a home, a tree finds its roots in the embrace of the National Woodland Trust. In the company of the World Wildlife Fund, I support animals, safeguarding the realm of beasts and nurturing the harmony of life. 

My dream is to leave a world more beautiful than the one that embraced me, a world where love, magic and nature entwine in a symphony of harmony.

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