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Art Challenges

I paint every day as it brings me immense pleasure. Throughout the year I also enjoy challenging myself with occasional art challenges. This is the page where you will find out find all the art challenges I take part in. 

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Fur-bruary 2024

Fur-bruary is part one of four collections that form part of my 121 day challenge, where I will be painting daily, creating magical works of art. 

All artwork will be available for collectors to invest in once they are completed. 

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Monochrome March 2023 by Raven Foster - Day 9 Watercolour Cheetah Painting_edited.jpg

Monochrome March 2023

I created a range of 31 watercolour paintings using just one colour on each painting. 

This section is under construction. Thank you for your patience.

Marine May 2023

A beautiful selection of marine life hand painted in watercolour.

Marine May 2023 by Raven Foster at Raven Art Studio Day 11 Watercolour Crab_edited.jpg
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